Friday, 6 November 2009

November 6th 2009

Both Bob Hazel and Max Silverman are my hero’s at the pond today. Its been a pretty poor week at the pond and the weather was not that enticing this morning but with Bobs persistent he came up trumps with a Great-northern Diver today and Max probably got a few of Warwickshire’s listers out this afternoon with a Purple Sandpiper by the outlet. I sure would have love to have seen the purple blob but I’m still confined to barracks so will have to live on the memories of the seven I have seen before involving nine birds. Only one of my records stayed longer than a day.

Purple Sandpiper by Max Silverman

More from the past

November 6th
1980; f Scaup, Lesser Redpoll
1982: m Hen Harrier, f Common Scoter, 16 Goldeneye, 5 Dunlin
1983: Rock Pipit, Stonechat
1987: 2 Rock Pipit
1988 2 Bewick’s Swan, Nuthatch
1993: 5 Bewick’s Swan, 4f & 1m Eider, m Red-crested Pochard, f Common Scoter, Woodcock, fw Med Gull, Rock Pipit
1998: 6f Common Scoter

November 7th
1981: 28 Bewick’s Swan, Kingfisher, m Bearded Tit
1982: Grey plover, 7 Dunlin
1985: 5 Snow Bunting
1986: Marsh Tit, 26Goldeneye
1988: Great-grey Shrike, Brambling, 2 Bewick’s Swan
1993: 4f & 1m Eider, m Red-crested Pochard, f Common Scoter, Short-eared Owl, Chiffchaff
1998: 2 Great-northern Diver, Slavonian Grebe, Black-necked Grebe, 4f Common Scoter

and in recent times JJ had a Franklins Gull on the 6th in 2002


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