Sunday, 3 January 2010

January 3rd 2010

Waiting for Dave this morning I managed a couple of meteors probably from the annual Quadrantid meteor shower although the bright moon is a serious hindrance and I forgot to blog we also had one on 1st January while waiting for the Barn Owl.
Another very cold morning so we trawled Lawford Heath for a change looking for owls while the car warmed up but we never had a sniff except for the backend of a Fox so we looked at the Southam Road Barn Owl which showed a little longer for a change. We only gave the pond a brief look in case anything big and obvious had arrived overnight and we were lucky enough to have both Great-northern Divers very close in to the windsurfing area before they moved even closer to farborough bank. Common Scoter was near the valve tower, male Smew seen only in flight and 3 male and 2 Goosander noted. Although the country park toilet block is more sheltered than the rest of the reservoir it was still a surprise to find a Winter Moth. My first moth of the year.
The Clayhill Lane, Long Lawford Great White Egret was kindly pointed out to us by Richard Dawkins almost hidden in a ditch parallel to the railway line with just its head and neck occasionally showing before flying off over railway line to land in fields off the junction of A428 and Lawford Heath Lane.
Arrived at Rookery Farm where there were at least 6 possibly 9 Corn Bunting and 18 Meadow Pipit before I discovered I had lost my scopes eye piece and became one very unhappy bunny and sent my self off in to exile.

Tree Sparrow Rookery Farm by Steve Valentine

Corn Bunting Rookery Farm by Steve Valentine


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