Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November 30th 2010

More snow over night so had to bring my feeders in too defrost in front of the fire and fill the garden with food before going to the Draycote Water with Bob.
With temperatures just below freezing it felt almost barmy in comparison to recent days but soon realised the bitter north east wind could shrink your naughty bits.
A pair of Shoveler and female Pintail in toft bay the only new arrivals though a number of species have increased – most notably Goosander (43) and Wigeon (100). The highlight of the visit was the 20 Brambling in pheasant cover one field back behind the inlet. Though distant (you will need a scope) the majority were males so could be a lot more present and also in the area were 150 Chaffinch, 100 Linnet, 5 Lesser Redpoll and a probable Common Redpoll but it only showed briefly but certainly looked frosty enough.
Also seen today were Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher, Peregrine, 500 Fieldfare, 300 Redwing, 50 Stock Dove, 94 Cormorant, 15 Yellowhammer, 11 Bullfinch, 5 Snipe and 2 Great-spotted Woodpecker. The eleven Green Woodpeckers present today must be a site record, 8 seen by Bob on the north side including 5 together and 3 on the south and west sides.
A chat to the Rangers and they will make an assessment each morning whether to open or not – snow fall is one issue they have to take in to account but they are concerned of any melt re-freezing.



ShySongbird said...

Hi Richard, I am still enjoying your blog and keeping in touch with what's happening at the pond especially when I can't get there. I noticed you said on one post that it is best to check whether it is open before going but as the visitor centre is closed I wondered if you know who I should ring. I have rung the number given on the Draycote website before now and left messages regarding renewing our annual parking permit but have never heard anything back.

Richard Mays said...

The numbers I have are 01788 811107 or 01788 812367 but not sure if current - will check next time I go.

Car parking permits - you need to contach Carsington Water as they are issued from there but i dont have the number.


Kevin Groocock said...

Information about Parking Permits, with contact details, can be picked up from a dispenser on the wall of the Rangers Officer as you enter.This can be sent by post or e-mail to Carsington Water. I think a phone number is also included. Just done mine but disposed of the form!

pete and cath said...

Draycote open 2nd with 61 Goosanders! dunlin and 2 Knot. I froze during the gull watch so left early 1+ Ad yellow Legged and ths strangest LBBG' it had a very dirty head and blotchy white panels taking up a third of each wing otherwise wings were jet black and the bird appeared to be an adult. It flew too close to the surface to see the under wing pattern. Has it been seen before?