Sunday, 11 December 2011

December 11th 2011

A bad start to the day with a freshly killed Barn Owl on the A426 near Kites Hardwick while a live one was hunting just before dawn near Grandborough and nearby while watching a Fox hunting for voles it flushed a Short-eared Owl. They briefly stared each other out with the fox flinching first though the fox was more successful at hunting catching two voles in as many minutes.
I was limited to time due to a Christmas dinner to attend so we did a rare visit to the pond for a Sunday mid morning walk to farborough spit which produced amongst the sailing and cycling mayhem female Common Scoter, female Pintail, 6 Goosander an amazing 46 female and 15 male Goldeneye flushed in to toft bay, 97 Cormorant, 500 Lapwing and 20 Graylag Geese. The best bird on show was the Peregrine devouring a Lapwing on the large island for 50 minutes.


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