Saturday, 1 January 2011

January 1st 2011

I’m well known for not sleeping so how the hell I overslept this morning I don’t know (in bed by 10) but the panic of trying to get ready in 5 minutes led to me tripping over a chair resulting in almost knocking myself out and breaking Dave’s scope.
Now totally embarrassed and angry with myself plus a splitting headache and double vision we arrived at Napton Reservoir where we failed to find any owls (Tawny Owl heard) and little else on offer.
Draycote Water had a lot more open water due to the cool north westerly breeze so we managed 40 Goosander, 4 Barnacle Goose and 4 Shoveler walking to farborough spit but with the way I felt and Dave still coughing and spluttering we called it a day.
We were just leaving the pond when a call inviting us to meet up with a few others for breakfast meant a few laughs with friends but home by 10:30am on News Years Day must be a first for me.
Slept till mid afternoon then a need for fresh air took me to dunsmore ridge where a Woodcock next to the footpath must have been in the same mood as me and looking for confrontation – just would not move. Also Barn Owl perched on fence post just before dark.


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