Saturday, 8 January 2011

January 8th 2011

Finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
Still not 100% but a lot more lively than of late so hope to be out and about tomorrow though I decided not to attend tonight’s curry party celebrating Dave B 50th birthday. I have hardly eaten a thing since Monday so would have been a bit over the top of me to pig out on some delicious eastern delicacy.
So what have I missed – the only birds of note were the Pink-footed Goose that turned up with 12 Graylag Geese between Church Lawford and Bretford before moving to Draycote Water for a day. I’m always skeptical about wild geese on my patch considering there are so many plastic ones around but it would be nice to think it was genuine one for change. In the same area a Bewick’s Swan was also present.

Pink-footed Goose by Bob Hazell

Smew by Bob Hazell is still present at the pond

There are plenty of Waxwing around still, with 5 in my next doors garden today and up to 300 dotted around the town in the past week.
On the equipment front my own scope and tripod are back from surgery while Dave’s has gone in to be reincarnated – probably as a washing machine.


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