Sunday, 27 February 2011

February 26th 2011

Despite the overnight rain I had a good catch of moths with Clouded Drab new for the year plus my second Oak Beauty bringing this year’s garden catch up to 11 species so far.
A somewhat damp day found me having another look at the first winter Oriental (Rufous) Turtle Dove in Chipping Norton enjoying prolonged views with less people around then moved on to Rainham Marshes where I finally caught up with the adult Slaty-backed Gull on the nearby Coldharbour Lane landfill site after a prolonged wait. Not sure if I could spot it in the roost at the pond though.
Luckily the rain dispersed to clear sky’s enabling excellent views of the Space Station this evening on the first of its two passes tonight. The shape of the station has changed which I have not noticed before and believe it to be the docked Space Shuttle Discovery which went up last Thursday to deliver the milk and papers (among other scientific wonders). Second pass was poor as most of it was in earth shadow. Tomorrows pass (weather permitting) starting at 19:00pm peaking at 19:05pm and ending 19:10pm should be better as it tracks over Barnstaple, Newbury, Hounslow and Southend-on-sea.


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