Monday, 7 February 2011

February 7th 2011

Winds picked up again this morning after abating slightly in the night and I arrived at Draycote Water with Bob to gusts of up to 40mph (51mph recorded at nearby Frankton) finding it difficult to walk or keep the scope still especially when Bob located an adult Med Gull in a flock of Black-headed Gulls below farborough bank but the flock was restless. Both male Smew and female Scaup were sheltering in rainbow corner where Bob managed to get a shot and 10 Goosander off the inlet but no finch flock. Only other birds of note were 2 Buzzard and 250 Lapwing.
Roll on spring – five more weeks and the first summer migrants could be arriving here just as the fishing season starts again so if things dont change soon I will start blogging again then - Im bored repeating myself.

female Scaup by Bob Hazell



ShySongbird said...

Hi Richard, I managed to get over there last week in the hope of seeing the Smew and Scaup but as is usually the case I picked the wrong direction to walk in and the best I managed was a pair of Goldeneye. The wind was horrible then too and it was difficult to hold the camera steady!

Richard Mays said...

Hi Shy - out this evening at 8pm and wind has dropped and sky clear so the storm might have finally passed