Wednesday, 18 May 2011

May 18th 2011

Day at home
Jay over garden at 9am was unusual and Hobby trying his luck tonight with House Martins at 19:30 over my estate.

A couple of relevant pictures from Paul Cashmore just back from a family visit in Germany

Forester Moth - 100s feeding on sorrel in one field, they use to be at Ashlawn Cutting but have not been seen for the last three years and are presumed extinct in Warwickshire now but still worth searching for.

This Swallowtail was in his sisters garden feeding on Lilac. I hope to be seeing one soon so a timely reminder how good looking they are.

Cuckoo female by Steve Batt at Ryton Meadows last Monday. Seem to be a lot more around the patch than last year and he saw one at the pond last Friday.


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