Monday, 6 June 2011

June 4th 2011

I watched a Barn Owl hunting along Dunsmore Ridge at 4am as the space shed went over then around mid-day Dave and I tried our luck around Marton, Wappenbury and Draycote villages.
Unfortunately despite the humid conditions the strong blustery wind made life difficult but we managed 20+ Banded Demoiselle near Marton along with Small Tortoiseshell and Grey Wagtail while Chimney Sweeper, Brown Silver-lines, Silver-ground Carpet, Green-veined White, Large Skipper and Common Blue were at Wappenbury. Draycote Meadows had plenty of Common Spotted Orchid and a few Grass Rivulets

Mother Shipton and Common Spotted Orchid Draycote Meadows by Mason Phillips


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