Saturday, 3 September 2011

September 3rd 2011

Thursday's effort to the pond backfired and I have not been out since so having to rely on the moth trap and updating records to keep me sane. Dave is now on 565 for his garden and I'm way behind on 513.

Feathered Gothic - 2nd record for Dave's garden

Centre-barred Sallow - a common autumn moth now starting to appear

Dusky Thorn

I have no idea on this one - although worn there's enough markings hopefully for someone out their to nail it down for me but at the momemnt my brain ain't working. Dose'nt look right for Turnip or Dark Swordgrass. All photos by Bob Hazel

Hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow - Ive missed 3 year ticks on the patch already.


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John Judge said...

What are the 3 year tick species?