Thursday, 20 October 2011

October 20th 2011

Draycote is at 48% capacity so as the shore line recedes further away the exposed mud is becoming hazardous with notices now displayed warning fishermen after one became trapped on Tuesday. Unfortunately this local ramblers group couldn’t give a toss about there own safety or the birds they flushed out of biggen bay.

Six more Whooper Swans appeared over the country park and landed off the inlet but there visit did not last long when a fishing boat pushed them off and they flew over toft bay heading east and could have been the same flock reported at Pitsford Reservoir, Northamptonshire. Bob rushed round for a quick record shot just in time.

Other sightings included 23 Golden Plover heading south, 237 Great-crested Grebe, 43 Mute Swan, 90 Skylarks over in small groups, 3 female Goosander, 14 Buzzard, 3 Raven and 5 Dunlin.

Met up with friends in Cubbington for beers and holiday stories of Scilly and Fair Isle now that everyone is back and they put me right on the Bulrush Wainscot pictures I published earlier in the week – should be Large Wainscot. On the way home we had a Tawny Owl perched side of the road near Princethorpe.


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jonesboy said...

I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw some fishermen at Rainbow corner, they were really struggling to wade along the shore line and almost losing their wellies ( I was hoping).Now looks like again they have chased off a first for the Pond by flushing a Great White Egret. Aaarghhh what is it with these people ????