Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February 1st 2012

I arrived home at 2pm this morning after a weeks birding with Halcyon Gambia and it was a shock to the system hanging around for the airparks bus to arrive in -2c after sweating buckets in 30c 6 hours earlier and watching Dave scrape a heavy frost off the car windows before we could leave.
No way was I going out with Bob to the pond as planned and invited him round for coffee after his walk so we could play catch up and find out what I had missed.
As for the holiday it was stunning with a provisional count of 291 species seen adding 14 to my Gambia and world list which far exceed my expectations due to being well organized by Phil and Clare at Halcyon Gambia in the UK, Bob and Jane who ran the Halcyon Gambia Compound in Bijilo, Gambia plus being well guided by Mustapha and our ever smiling driver Aladdin. I will put a full report on the blog once I get my act together and receive a few pictures from the gang.


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Clare Randell said...

Welcome home Richard and thank you all for coming back to us - just sad we were not there with you this time!!

Look forward to reading the trip report.

Take care
Clare :-)