Monday, 13 December 2010

December 13th 2010

The mist predicted this morning was in fact thick fog so after 4 hours in the field bashing away at our favourite haunts all Dave and I had to show for our efforts was a single Buzzard and with no wind it seemed it would never lift by the time we reached the pond.
Our walk to toft shallows peering through the gloom produced the male Smew, 25 Goosander, 30 Gadwall, 60 Pochard, 300 Wigeon, 400 Canada Geese, 7 Dunlin and 10 Siskin. On our way back the gloom turned to rain and visibility lifted slightly revealing over 500 Coot, 40 Goldeneye and 305 Great-crested Grebe out in the centre.
Having reached the car park and deciding to call it a day a timely text from Pete had us motoring at speeds touching warp factor to Dunchurch village where we dived in to the Dun Cow pub car park and viewed the 5 Waxwing that were in the tall tree on the adjacent Dunsmore Heath (name of a road).

crap pic by me

Back home and Mark text to say 5 Waxwing were at Cawston so popped over to see them then over to the local tip but with poor viewing from the surrounding roads meant it was a cross country hike up to me ankles in mud to peer through the trees for a better view hoping no jobsworth would see and located both the adult Iceland and Glaucous Gull. Also in the area were Sparrowhawk, Raven, Buzzard, and 7 Corn Bunting.

More Waxwings were reported in Rugby today with 3 May Lane/Addison Road junction and 2 along Dunchurch Road so keep um peeled.

What promises to be the best meteor shower of the year is hitting its peak tonight with The Geminid meteor shower, an annual mid-December event that will reach its height tonight and early tomorrow. The meteors will appear to emanate from a spot in the sky near the bright star Castor in the constellation Gemini (the Twins).

Also plenty of moths being reported, Dave had 2 December Moths yesterday while I have had single Winter Moth the last 2 nights.

Colin sent me a couple of his efforts yesterday - I am in both pics, can you spot me.

Don’t yer just love it when all your hobbies come at once – just like Christmas - WHAT IT IS CHRISTMAS.


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