Friday, 3 December 2010

December 3rd 2010

Don’t you just love technology – gave the heads up to John, Dave and Bob as I tracked the Space Station over Cuba heading for the North Atlantic then passing over Cork, Swindon and London before heading away over Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Even with day break she was bright enough to be easily picked out 222 miles above my frozen world. She is predicted on similar track tomorrow at 6:07am and on Sunday at 6:33am though the forecast for here is crap.
OK back to the real world and freezing fog rolled in 8am till mid afternoon so kept an eye on the garden and bingo – adult male Black Redstart – garden tick. I took a record shot but not going to degrade my site with such a feeble effort. Sent it to Dave at work but he just called me a jammy b-----d.
Out with Dave this afternoon as the fog lifted driving around the valley – 200 Linnet, 3 Buzzard and 2 Raven plus hundreds of winter thrushes.
Hopefully the weather will improve as more Brambling and Waxwing have been seen today plus an influx of Woodcock.


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