Wednesday, 29 December 2010

December 29th 2010

Weather wise it’s been very foggy and drab day spent at home apart from a walk to the shops when 10 Siskin flew over while the excessive feeding over the last few days in the garden paid off with a Yellowhammer male along with my regular Brambling.
The fog is due to the rapid rise in temperatures over the last 36 hours which means my moth trap is back doing what it catches best – moths. Amazing how quickly they react to mild temperatures and the 2 in my trap tonight are Winter Moths.

Winter Moth



Keith said...

Have added your Blog on my Favs. You re super keen ar nt you! May I ask where abouts at Draycote you saw Corn Bunting and Little Owl? Im making one desperate last dash to get them on my 2010 year list.(If not they will be a welcome addition to 2011 on New Years recovery from the night before walk!!!)
Keith Barnsley.

Richard Mays said...

e-mail me