Thursday, 17 March 2011

March 17th 2011

Early morning look for the Lawford Road Waxwings with 5 in nearby Glebe Crescent, Rugby perched on TV Ariel’s but the gloom turned to drizzle so packed up for the delights of shopping and couldn’t get motivated till the sun finally showed this afternoon.
Arrived at the pond late afternoon for the roost and scanning off farborough spit when 5 Waxwing went over heading north but couldn’t find any interesting gulls. No sign of the male Scaup but might have over looked it and the only other birds of interest were 5 Goosander, Grey Wagtail and male Smew.
The published times for tomorrows train movement of BR(S) Light Pacific 4-6-2 no 34067 Tangmere from Carnforth to Southall shows its route passing Leamington Spar 12:51pm


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