Monday, 7 March 2011

March 7th 2011

Having seen the male Smew off farborough bank, Draycote Water soon after our arrival Bob and I were in toft bay checking through the gull and duck flock when Bob had an unidentified bird go through his field of view which turned out to be an Avocet that circled a number of times and attempted to land before changing its mind and we finally lost it after six minutes over rainbow corner.
Ninety minutes later I relocated the bird from the wind surfing picnic area miles away resting on the surface near C buoy and it stayed for a couple of hours before a Great-crested Grebe took umbrage to its presence. Unfortunately it never came close so Bob did extremely well for this record shot at 172x magnifcation.

Both the male and female Scaup were off hensborough bank otherwise the only other sign of migration was an increase of Goldeneye to 40 birds present and a flock of 6 Shoveler.
No sign of the finch flock or Brambling but the Bumbling bears had 26 yesterday so they should still be around and also seen were Raven, 7 Skylark, 70 Wigeon, 24 Goosander, 50 Teal, 10 Gadwall, 2 Reed Bunting, 30 Fieldfare, 8 Stock Dove, 2 Goldcrest and 4 Siskin. The sunny weather was good for Buzzards with 18 counted and a Brimstone butterfly on hensborough bank.

I was out in the garden early evening hoping to see the Space Station but failed so I thought the next pass wouldn’t be worth the effort. Thank god for like minded people – John rang – are you watching it – watching what was my dumb reply – Space Station and there’s two – quick dash in to the garden and bugger me he was right. Checked on the internet and the Shuttle had separated from the Space Station and it looked like a game of follow my leader – awesome and the shuttle is a tick. Owe you one JJ.
Caught up with Dave Hutton at Draycote and I was complementary about his recent photographs on his Seeswoodpool.blogspot which have been brilliant – then he sends me a couple pictures of the Chipping Norton Oriental (Rufous) Turtle Dove and words fail me – just enjoy.



ShySongbird said...

I'm very envious of that Avocet sighting Richard, I was only saying to someone yesterday that I have never seen one!

Lovely photos too of the Oriental Turtle Dove by Dave Hutton. Chippy is not far from me but I didn't go, standing in a long queue put me off!

Referring to your earlier post I would be interested to know if you have EVER seen anything exciting on Farnborough Lake, despite many visits I never have.

Richard Mays said...

Lesser Scaup in 2006