Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January 10th 2012

The Space Shed continues to pass over my estate with a few more passes that are visible though those at 8:28am on the 16th and 8:10am on 18th will be in daylight but should still be bright enough to see as long as we don’t get the dreaded cloud which seems to appear every time I publish.

Moths are doing well this winter with this prolonged mild spell producing Spring Usher and Early Moth to my garden trap breaking my January record of species recorded in what is normally a dire month for moths – 7 so far.

On the birding front it was a cracking early morning owl session down the valley with 2 Little and 2 Barn Owl with the additional bonus of 4 Tree Sparrow by the entrance to Valley Farm and a Woodcock over the Hill Rd/ A426 junction.
Napton Reservoir on the other hand needs a bloody good shake up with very little of note and Napton on the Hill did not fare much better with only Coal Tit in the churchyard and 5 Raven over the windmill but I needed to be back in town to stock up on supplies for our forthcoming trip abroad so did not give it the coverage it deserved.

Another bright idea - we will just have to see if it avoids the dustbin that most of my paintings go in.


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