Sunday, 12 April 2009

April 12th 2009

We enjoyed a cup of coffee, watching the antics of a fox while we waited for the gates to open at Draycote Water this morning then our walk to toft shallows produced 5 immature Little Gull still present from yesterday influx, 5 Yellow Wagtail on farborough bank, a Whimbrel over toft bay and 4 Barnacle Geese flew over low heading north. I’d doubt if they are wild birds but interestingly they were followed five minutes later by 2 male and one female Goldeneye landing in toft bay then a further group of 9 female Goldeneye also arriving in toft bay so the jury’s out. The Green-winged Teal showed well right of the hide. Only other birds seen in the dull overcast conditions were 2 Great-northern Diver, male Shoveler, male Wigeon, 6 Teal, 10 Gadwall and a Herring Gull among the remaining Black-headed Gulls.
Next stop was Brandon Marsh and arrived just in time to see 4 Mealy Redpoll including a very bright male found by Colin and Sarah feeding on alders near the east marsh before they moved on towards teal pool. The east marsh itself held 2 Ringed Plover, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 15 Snipe, 3 Shelduck, oystercatcher, Kingfisher and close but brief views of Cetties Warbler while overhead a Swallow showed some characteristics of those I have seen in the middle east with a rusty red body and underwing covets.
The Cuckoo was found perched from carlton hide along with 3 Buzzard and though there were plenty of warblers calling we failed to see or hear Whitethroat, Reed or Sedge that had been reported. Another highlight of the day was being challenged over my views on kodak fiddlers from a very nice lady in the carlton hide. I hear what you say but I still hate them. Bless
My second visit to pond this evening and there were 2 Artic Tern near the valve tower, at least 3 immature Little Gulls and 4 Redshank were resting on draycote bank along with a White Wagtail and Little Owl between grays barn and toft shallows.


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