Thursday, 29 October 2009

October 29th 2009

While doing me domestics this morning there was a small passage of migrants going over the garden with at least 120 Fieldfare, 230 Wood Pigeon and 50 Redwing counted plus a few wagtails and finches before going to the pond for my guided walk.
On arrival at the pond there was a Kingfisher near the hide, 2 Jay, 22 Redwing over and 2 Golden Plover heading east before chatting with Bob Hazell who had seen a male Goosander earlier which I managed a distant view as it flew in to toft bay.
I had 11 enthusiastic souls for my walk and as a few wanted to see the Lesser Scaup we took a slow stroll to rainbow corner finding 4 female Goldeneye off the wind surfing area and the Lesser Scaup was among the Tufted Duck flock off hensborough bank. Though showing well it never lifted its head up while we were present and only did so for Bob for a few seconds in over the 2 hours he spent with it.
Continuing on to rainbow we managed 2 Sparrowhawk, brief flight views of a Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail 3 Buzzard and a few Stock Dove.
Also present today were a Peregrine, Raven, a few flocks of Starlings going west with a total count of over 400, at least 153 Fieldfare west, 2 more Sparrowhawk and a female Pochard plus Comma, 2 Red Admiral and 4 Vapourer.

My next walk is November 26th at 11am.


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